• 7 May | 25 June 2022 groupe exhibition “From the Sea” □ designers/artists MISHMASH; Henk Bezemer and Frank van Oosten □ artist of the Sandberg instituut, Martijn Smulders □ KAVBK, artist Peter Zwaan

Together with art curator Bob Smit from 7 July till 10 July 2022, is the gallery within Stand 1, on the Art Fair next the Art BAR, at the NORTH SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL; the exhibition show art “From the Sea” and Eelke Renschke Bekkenutte at “Empowerment” in AHOY R’DAM

  • Duo exhibition New Art, by Bima Engels, oilpaintings and Yvonne Beelen, ceramics; July and August 2022
  • Jasper de Gelder, solo exhibition, oilpaintings and mixed media; September and October 2022
  • Solo exhibition Marjon Hoogendijk; November and December 2022

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